Hillary Talbott Roland

Teaches Meditation for all those Trying to Conceive


Each day you'll enjoy a 15-20 minute meditation. Each one is designed to help you stress less, release limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and to strengthen your physical and energetic bodies. You'll take back control of your mind, your body, your emotions and your fertility.


Nothing like this exists to my knowledge for the TTC community. These are mediations and journeys through the self that I have created and use in my fertility practice every day with great success. They include acupressure and ancient secrets from the world's wisdom traditions.

Limited Access

These challenges don't happen every month and the doors only stay open for a few days when they do so that we can support each other as  a collective. 

Next one begins August 26th- Sign UP here

Here's an example of what you'll find when the challenge begins!



Hillary has been an acupuncturist and herbalist specializing in women's health for a decade. She also happens to teach meditation. A natural effect after a personal practice spanning two decades. Come inside to see what a fertile mind can feel like.....






Have you ever wondered if stress was part a big part of your infertility? If you find yourself constantly physically tense or ruminating on why you're not getting pregnant, there is solution that not only leaves you feeling better, but can actually change your nervous system helping your chances of conceiving. Your chance to experience it, is right around the corner.










No guarantees or refunds necessary because these challenges are completely free. They are my way of giving back to the TTC community. 


The limits are lifted because your class will play in any modern browser anywhere.

Less stress while TTC is closer than you think


"Hillary addresses issues that most Western medicine approaches are not equipped to handle. She showed me how to find and hold onto security and peace before pregnancy, during pregnancy and labor, and post-partum. I cherish that I was able to feel confident about my health and focus on the spiritual and emotional experience of my pregnancy and birth. She guided me through with unbelievable wisdom, intuition, and calm. My digestive health and energy were at their peak when I followed her guidance which empowered me to become more self aware of how to help myself. I also loved that she was able to make me accept that my physical health challenges were connected to my mental and emotional health. I come from a family who doesn't talk about that side of things, and she made me go there, and that made some really important breakthroughs for me and my overall wellness and ability to conceive as quickly as I did."

Koty S.

"Not only did Hillary help me to bring baby Isabella to the world, I now have a much deeper understanding of myself as well as my body and mind. She has given me many tools, methods, and experiences that I value and reference every day, nearly 5 years later. Her voice resonates in my head as a reminder to keep me on my path and committed to being the best version of myself."

Kristy S.

"Hillary provides support that is empowering. I learned more about my body, emotional well being and spiritual consciousness from her than any Western medical doctor, psychologist or religious leader. These lessons were given without preaching, lecturing, judgement or impatience. She shared her knowledge in a way that I could understand, process, and incorporate into my daily life. I cannot say enough about her ability to help you heal your body, mind, AND soul. I am forever grateful to her for holding my hand through one of the most difficult journeys of my life. Not only did I make it through, but I truly believe I am a better person on the other side of it, even though it didn't end the way I wanted. Because of what I learned from her, I realize the ending is now better than the one I imagined."

Grace L.

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